Congratulations to Kobi Marimi who will be representing Israel at  Eurovision 2019!

Eurovision Tourist Tips

Getting Around


In addition to Google, Israeli transit users cannot live without the local transit app.

Bicycle Rentals

Making use of the bike rentals in Tel Aviv is simple and pure bliss!

E-Scooter Rentals

The new craze in Tel Aviv is zipping round the city on e-scooters. They are literally scattered everywhere, waiting for the next rider.

Where to eat in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is a culinary extravaganza with chef restaurants, fresh markets, fantastic coffee shops that serve a variety of food, and every type of restaurant that you can find in all other major cities around the globe. And of course, falafel. You can literally find food on almost every corner of the city and there aren't any "don't eat there" warnings. You can check out our Tel Aviv food guide, and you can also start with places that have a concentration of restaurants that will please all taste buds. If you explore the Carmel Market, stroll down Rothschild Blvd with all the pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, meander around the Tel Aviv Port or visit any of the fantastic beach restaurants along the hotel strip. You are guaranteed to find delicious food for even the fussiest eaters.

"The food in Israel is not only tasty, but a work of art. Your taste buds and your Instagram account will be transformed forever!"
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