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A good place to start is with our Tel Aviv food guide. No matter where you travel in Israel, you are bound to stop in Tel Aviv for a couple of days.



One of the most important things to know about transit in Israel, is that buses no longer accept cash payments. You must buy the transit card called a Rav-Kav card ,or download one of the transit apps such as Moovit.

You will need to use the card or app to board any bus, as well as the Jerusalem light rail and the new Tel Aviv light rail--the Red Line.


You can still purchase single cash fares however, for the regular train, Israel Railways, or on the Monit Sherut (the minibus that operates 24/7).


They always say it's important to learn a few basic words in the official language of the country you plan to explore.

Click here for some basic phrases in Hebrew.

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