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In Tel Aviv, all you have to do is Look left, look right, and you will see people zipping by on e-scooters--people of all ages. It seemed to have started with a few riders here and there using their own e-scooters, then over the past year, rentals have popped up everywhere in the city.

There are currently four e-scooter companies operating in Tel Aviv:

Wind, Lime, Bird, and LEO, are the main players in Tel Aviv for shared e-scooters. All of them have apps on iTunes and Google Play, they all appear to be user-friendly and are all displayed in English.


These dockless scooters work the same way as Mobikes, where the easy tasks of unlocking, and locking are done via your phone, and the scooters can be parked anywhere--within reason. Refer to the apps for guidelines.

Fees: All four companies charge ₪5 to unlock the e-scooter and ₪.50 /minute.

(Photo: Israel:The Sites & Sights)

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