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  • Janis Raisen

Historic Addition to Central Israel 2023: New Light Rail, The Red Line

In this video, filmed on August 20—the first full day of operation—you can watch as we descend onto the platform of one of the brand new, underground Tel Aviv stations, and board the train. We take you through the Arlosoroff underground station in Tel Aviv, and along the train route through to Jaffa and Bat Yam, as the train transitions to the street-level tracks.


Israel’s public transportation in central Israel just got a massive boost. The first part of the three-line subway/light rail officially opened on August 18, 2023, resulting in lots of smiles, after more than a decade of planning and construction.

The long-awaited opening of the first part of the light rail system in central Israel--the Red Line--spans 24 KM and 34 stations (including Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Ramat Gan). It runs between Petah Tikva and Bat Yam.

Israelis Were Thrilled

As one Israeli man boarded the train at Arlosoroff Station he smiled and said out loud, “It’s like being in Paris!”

Israelis were navigating the new system similar to tourists. They turned to each other asking questions as they tried to figure out which light rail station was closest to their old bus stop.

Both locals and tourists experienced this monumental event together.

The Red Line Route

Map downloaded from,


Savidor Mercaz in Tel Aviv, listed on the map as one of the underground stations, is also referred to as the the Arlosoroff station. It's conveniently located right across from the Savidor Mercaz central train station. It's a modern, spacious station.

Arlosoroff Station, Red Line; © Israel Sites & Sights / Janis Raisen


Payment Options

Payment options displayed at the Arlosoroff station. © Israel Sites & Sights / Janis Raisen


Fares can be paid via various apps including Moovit, Pango, and with the Rav-Kav card.


The cost is ₪5.50 for most routes, but Moovit shows a cost of ₪12.00 for riding the entire route between Petah Tikva and Bat Yam.

Screenshot from the Moovit App.


Just the Beginning

The light rail system will eventually include the Purple and Green Lines in a few years, but for now the Red Line is a great help to both locals and tourists.


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