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  • Janis Raisen

Ofra Haza's Milestones and Gemstones — a Tour Led by Her Brother, Yair Haza

The late Israeli Singer Ofra Haza (Photo: Courtesy Ben-Zion David)

Update: The full article on the tour can be found here.

The late Ofra Haza, a Yemenite-Israeli singer, an icon and a legend in the Israeli music world and beyond, was famous for her captivating voice and her stunning pieces of jewelry.

A new jewelry exhibition at the Museum for Islamic Art displays the beautiful pieces she wore which were mostly designed by eighth-generation Yemenite silversmith Ben-Zion David. With renewed interest in both Ofra Haza's life and the story of her personal silversmith, her brother, Yair Haza, will be leading a few Hebrew tours on the life of his iconic sister, with the next one scheduled for Friday, July 5th.

The tour will begin with a visit to Ben-Zion David's jewelry workshop and gallery in Old Jaffa, followed by a walk through Ofra Haza's old neighborhood in south Tel Aviv, including her childhood home and school, the synagogue her father established and even where her talent was first discovered.

For the first time, people will have the opportunity to get a personal glimpse at Ofra Haza's world through the eyes of her brother, as he leads these rare tours.

Detailed information on the Hebrew tours can be found here.


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