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  • Janis Raisen

Get Camera Happy at the Candy Hotel

The Candy Hotel exhibition just opened in Tel Aviv. It provides the best backdrops for photos and selfies, so get your cameras ready and enjoy the eye candy.

From check in at the hotel reception area to check out, the walk through the Candy Hotel at Expo Tel Aviv, is a dream for camera-happy people who love taking selfies and posing in front of various backdrops.

Tailored to children, the concept is also a joyful experience for adults to enjoy the bright and colorful displays.

The backdrops are diverse. Chocolate, bubble gum and colorful fruit, include some of the vibrant backdrops, providing unique photo opportunities. Just don't come hungry!

Selfie booths with built-in cameras add to the amusing photo opportunities. Each booth allows you to choose from one of approximately six photos for the backdrop. Once the photo is taken, you enter your phone number and seconds later the photo appears in your text messages.

As you wander through the colorful exhibition, you eventually reach the elevators. Inside the elevator you will see a spectacular video highlighting the "hotel" features, which offers some additional great photo ideas.

The elevators don't actually move, but the video makes it seem so, and then the door opens on the opposite side to the "pool area." The mock pool is filled with soft styrofoam pieces, offering kids a safe way to pretend to swim.

The design and colors are gorgeous throughout, making everyone smile, including the staff.

The Candy Hotel is open until the end of September.


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