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If you want to leave the driving to someone else and take advantage of the efficient public transportation around the county, you can reach many sites and sights (not all, but many) by travelling by bus and train. ***Please note that it's mainly the speed train between Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem that has been experiencing some periodic delays.***
The best way to navigate public transportation in Israel is to download the Moovit app or log onto their website. The site combines both bus and train routes, and even adds in cycling options for peddling part of the way where appropriate. 
Founded in Israel in 2012, Moovit has grown from a local company to 400M+ users in 90 countries, according to the company's fact sheet.


"Travelling by train in Israel from city to city always feels like a new and exciting adventure."
Quote, Israel:The Sites & Sights
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Tel Aviv is a culinary extravaganza with chef restaurants, fresh markets, fantastic coffee shops that serve a variety of food, and every type of restaurant that you can find in all other major cities around the globe. And of course, falafel. You can literally find food on almost every corner of the city and there aren't any "don't eat there" warnings. You will find a detailed food guide in the blog section very soon, but if you are new to Tel Aviv start with places that have a concentration of restaurants that will please all taste buds. If you explore the Carmel Market, stroll down Rothschild Blvd with all the pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, meander around the Tel Aviv Port or visit any of the fantastic beach restaurants along the hotel strip. You are guaranteed to find delicious food for even the fussiest eaters.

"The food in Israel is not only tasty, but a work of art. Your taste buds and your Instagram account will be transformed forever!"
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You can't come to Tel Aviv and not experience the thrill of peddling on a bike path along the stunning Mediterranean Sea Even if you can only cycle for 10 minutes, that's okay!
There are two popular options for regular bike rentals (electric bikes not included below).
You can't miss the green city bikesthat line the streets of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. There are over 2000 bikes and more than 100 Tel-O-Fun bike stations. The bikes must be picked up from one of the stations, and can be returned to any station that appears on the Tel-O-Fun map, found on their site or app.

If you stick to theTel Aviv shoreline or along the popular, major streets and boulevards you will find many bike stations along the way, so if you only want to cycle a short distance you can easily manage. If you are sporty and are a serious cyclist, of course that option is always available since the city has some amazing bike paths. There are stations in south, central and north Tel Aviv (including Park Hayarkon), Jaffa, and even Givatayim. You can cycle between these areas without stopping, or you can drop off and pick up a new bike at designated stations along the way. Don't forget to hydrate, so stopping for a cold drink along the way is not such a bad idea! If you want to check bike availability before venturing out to a station you can click on the location on the map and see how many bikes are available. It also displays the number of available parking spaces so you can choose an appropriate place to park it after your ride.

Pros: The green Tel-O-Fun bikes have gears that can be adjusted during the ride.
Cons: They must be picked up and dropped off at designated spots.

The new bike technology which has recently come to Israel allows you (through their app) to rent a bike from any spot that a previous rider left it along major routes or  side streets. There aren't designated stations but the app has rules about forbidden places to park. The brilliance of this technology allows you to reserve the bike you want 15 minutes prior (but reserving is not mandatory). You can also drop if off anywhere along the path that you choose, within Mobike's regulations. This means that you can cycle leisurely to the Eurovision Village at Charles Clore Park for example, just leave your bike on the path and lock it on the spot. You don't have to search for empty parking slots.

Pros: The orange Mobikes
 can be dropped off anywhere along major routes, and their rates are fantastic.
Cons: They don't have gears, so you have to stick to one standard setting.

"Cycling through tel Aviv as a tourist allows you to experience the joy that many locals feel every day as they peddle around the city."
Quote, Israel:The Sites & Sights
(Photo, Israel:The Sites & Sights)